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【For International customers 海外在住のお客様商品】October Lucky Sakai Tour

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*This is not a postcard service. This is a tour that your stuffed animal can participate in.* The stay in Japan will last about 10 days, including before and after the tour. This tour includes a one-night stay in Sakai, Ibaraki, where the stuffed animal will be touring. Lucky Sakai Tour: A town that takes on new challenges and cutting-edge technology! Sakai, Ibaraki (we will stay overnight in Sakai) The great things about Sakai, Ibaraki The first self-driving bus (made in France) for a municipality runs through the town. The exchange with Argentina has continued since the arrival of Perry's black ships about 170 years ago (there is an Argentina Day in Sakai). The specialty "Sashima Tea" was the first tea in Japan exported to the United States! Fujimi Hyakkei in Kanto where you can take a picture of Tone River, Mt. Fuji, and a castle (Sekijuku Castle) together! “Container hotel” where stuffed animals should stay at least once! Bando Taro's popular "Miso Nikomi Udon" and "Tonkatsu Gozen". Has sister city ties with Honolulu, Hawaii, and Marikina, Philippines! Of course, it is a Lucky Tour, so we will all dance. We will also have a pillow fight. Highway bus to and from Tokyo and Sakai. Overnight stay at a container hotel. We will leave Tokyo station in the morning and come back the next day in the afternoon. Must arrive no later than Friday, October 20. DAY 1: Arrival, relax in Shibuya DAY 2: Taking ID photos. DAY 3: Eels will take a day off. DAY 4: Studying for the tour. DAY 5: Pre-tour overnight stay at Unagi House DAY 6: Tour day DAY 1: Sakai, Ibaraki DAY 7: Tour day DAY 2: Stay at Unagi House DAY 8: Explore Shibuya DAY 9: Explore Shibuya DAY 10: Departure day Accepting orders from Friday, September 29, 9:00 p.m. (Japan time, which is in about an hour) for overseas customers. We would like to sell to domestic customers from 8:30 p.m. on Saturday, September 30(tomorrow) * Information will be updated on the following website on the above dates and times. https://unagitravel.stores.jp/ Tour price: 4,980 yen (shipping fee not included, EMS or international mail, etc.) Number of participants: 8 (domestic and international) What to bring: Nothing in particular, but if you can't sleep without it, please bring a pillow, eye mask, pajamas, etc. We recommend that you are 20 cm tall, 15 cm wide, and weigh about 200 grams (the total of the three sides of the box must be within 60 cm), but please inquire with us if you are a potter. Tour guides: Lucky Ikeda & Lucky Unaka An email will be sent to you within 24 hours. - Will post photos and videos live on Facebook and Twitter during the stuffed animal's stay - The stuffed animal will have to be 200g or lighter - We kindly ask the customer to pay for the shipping cost from your home to Tokyo - The shipping cost from Tokyo to your home is included - We will email you our address, etc. once you place an order - We will take good care of the stuffed animal, but we will pay up to US$100 if we lose the stuffed animal during the tour in Japan

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